Planning Applications

The planning applications were submitted by the developer to the Local Planning Authority in September 2021 (see below), and approved in January 2022.

You can find the applications, and technical documents, by clicking the following links.

The descriptions provided below are a simplified summary of the technical ‘description of development’ which exists for each application. Clicking the links to view the application will provide the full description, as well as the option to view the submitted documents and plans. You can also find these applications by visiting the planning application section of the Barnet Council website and searching for the unique application reference numbers shown below.

If you have any questions about the planning applications or process, please contact [email protected] or by calling 020 8359 3000.

Ravensfield and Fenella

Development of a new public library, Arts and Creative Industries facility, Safter Neighbourhood Team unit, community and retail floorspace, 384 purpose-built student accommodation units, 28 apartments, 15 blue badge parking spaces, three car club spaces, and associated landscaping works

View this planning application (21/4709/FUL)

These plans are subject to planning approval, with the application due to be submitted in late 2023

Building B9

Development of a new teaching block with connections to Hendon Library and Hendon Town Hall Annex, and associated landscaping works. Also the change of use and associated internal alterations of the ground floor of the library building for university teaching purposes.

View this planning application (21/4723/FUL)

These plans are subject to planning approval, with the application due to be submitted in late 2023

Meritage Centre

Development of 181 purpose-built student accommodation units, 33 shared living accommodation units, a new Health and Wellbeing Centre, six car parking spaces, seven blue badge parking spaces, and associated landscaping works.

View this planning application (21/4722/FUL)

Former Quinta Club

Change of use of the former Quinta Club to allow the relocation of the Barnet School Libraries Resources Service, as well as internal and external refurbishment of the building and improvements to access, parking and landscaping.

View this planning application (21/4722/FUL)

Fuller Street Car Park

Development of a new Pet Hospital for the PDSA, provision of ten car parking spaces, and alteration to access and landscaping

View this planning application (21/4612/FUL)

Prince of Wales Housing Estate Landscape and Car Parking Re-provision

Provision of 76 car parking spaces (39 existing parking spaces to be retained and 37 new parking spaces provided, including 31 car parking spaces removed from Fuller Street Public Car Park as part of the PDSA application), as well as the creation of informal play areas and landscaping works within the Prince of Wales estate

View this planning application (21/5061/FUL)

A vibrant and cohesive place for the local community and the educational home of Middlesex University