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Barnet Council and Middlesex University have a shared ambition of the Burroughs in Hendon becoming the heart of education in a thriving Barnet.

Led by Barnet Council, this innovative and exciting proposal will integrate new academic and civic spaces along The Burroughs in Hendon and other nearby sites.

Working in partnership with Middlesex University and other key stakeholders, such as the Barnet Library Service, this project will create a place that everyone can be proud of and which will deliver significant new investment into this area. It will dramatically improve the look and feel of The Burroughs, creating a pleasant environment that is accessible and able to be used by everyone in Hendon.

We held our public consultation from Friday 27 February until Monday 7 June 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft proposals. Planning applications have now been submitted (see below).

Hendon Hub planning applications live (29th September 2021)

Planning applications for the various site which make up the Hendon Hub project have now been submitted to and validated by planning officers at Barnet Council. All of the submitted plans and technical documents are now available for review. 

Now that the applications are live, anyone with an interest in the proposals is able to submit their feedback during the statutory consultation period. We hope that as many people as possible with express their views on the submitted plans, which have been developed through extensive pre-submission consultation with residents and stakeholders during 2021.

You can find the applications by clicking the following links. The descriptions provided below are a simplified summary of the technical ‘description of development’ which exists for each application. Clicking the links to view the application will provide the full description, as well as the option to view the submitted documents and plans.

Ravensfield and Fenella

Development of a new public library, Arts and Creative Industries facility, Safter Neighbourhood Team unit, community and retail floorspace, 384 purpose-built student accommodation units, 28 apartments, 15 blue badge parking spaces, three car club spaces, and associated landscaping works.

Building B9

Development of a new teaching block with connections to Hendon Library and Hendon Town Hall Annex, and associated landscaping works. Also the change of use and associated internal alterations of the ground floor of the library building for university teaching purposes.

Meritage Centre

Development of 181 purpose-built student accommodation units, 33 shared living accommodation units, a new Health and Wellbeing Centre, six car parking spaces, seven blue badge parking spaces, and associated landscaping works.

Former Quinta Club

Change of use of the former Quinta Club to allow the relocation of the Barnet School Libraries Resources Service, as well as internal and external refurbishment of the building and improvements to access, parking and landscaping

Fuller Street Car Park

Development of a new Pet Hospital for the PDSA, provision of ten car parking spaces, and alteration to access and landscaping

Linear Woodland Landscape Works

Landscaping proposals including the installation of wayfinding signage, new lighting, improvements to the existing public footpath, the creation of a new public footpath through to Watford Way (A41), and associated landscaping works

Prince of Wales Housing Estate Landscape and Car Parking Re-provision

Provision of 76 car parking spaces (39 existing parking spaces to be retained and 37 new parking spaces provided, including 31 car parking spaces removed from Fuller Street Public Car Park as part of the PDSA application), as well as the creation of informal play areas and landscaping works within the Prince of Wales estate

You can also find these applications by visiting the planning application section of the Barnet Council website and searching for the unique application reference numbers shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hendon Hub development will bring many exciting benefits to the community in Hendon. Some of these benefits include a brand-new state-of-the-art Hendon Library. New buildings will replace unattractive buildings along The Burroughs and Church End making way for new thriving community facilities. Families will benefit from improved surroundings including green spaces and landscaping that will provide a more pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy, including new play spaces within the Prince of Wales Estate. 

The university has no current plans to increase the overall number of students studying at its Hendon campus. The project is based on existing student numbers overall, though it is likely that there will be some increase in the number of students that live locally.

Proposals will mean that many more students will no longer have significant distances to travel to and from the university. Although additional students will be living in Hendon, those students would already have been in and around the area during the day and the evening. This proposal is also likely to reduce the number of students renting in local Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), which will mean more homes will be made available for those that need it most.

The project will not be affected by the short-term impact of the pandemic.

Hendon Hub is a long-term project to be completed in 2025. The development will bring jobs, training and new community facilities to the area and will help secure the future of the university. Whilst student numbers may be down currently as restrictions are lifted Middlesex will expect students to return to campus in the near future.

The vast majority of students are well-behaved and respectful of their neighbours and the area. The project is based on existing student numbers, not an increased amount.

The Burroughs area of Hendon isn’t considered a high-level crime area or hot spot. However, there has been some concerns from residents in relation to anti-social behaviour. To help local people stay safe and happy in their homes and whilst out and about, the university will monitor anti-social behaviour going forwards and provide increased security. CCTV and community patrols will be implemented as part of the project, which will enhance security for the local area as a whole.

We have been working to ensure that there is no overall loss of parking or if there is, that it is minimal.

Whilst some areas of parking are due to be redeveloped as part of the project (including the Fuller Street car park), we are also looking at how and where new parking can be re-provided. We are also seeking to understand current parking requirements for local people.  

Car ownership amongst students is very low and based on the proximity to student halls and the university campus, there is unlikely to be a significant increase in local roads being used by students. We expect students to opt to walk or use alternative forms of transport to get around.

The university will actively discourage students from bringing cars into the area and parking. It is possible that the council will propose Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in the area, however prior to this, residents will be consulted on any new plans.

The existing Hendon Library will no longer operate; however the building will not be demolished and will remain Council owned with public access to some areas. A brand-new Hendon Library is proposed which will provide a modern and high-quality library in a state of the art, architecturally outstanding building immediately opposite the current one.

Whilst attractive, the age of the existing library building makes it harder to run an effective library service accessible to everyone. 

Our hope is that the library will only need to move once, from its current location to its new one within the redeveloped Ravensfield and Fenella site. We have been carefully working on a development programme which will allow this to happen. That said, we are allowing for the potential of a move to a temporary location (on the larger car park on The Burroughs) if this doesn’t prove to be possible, and this is alluded to within the planning application documents. We hope however that the temporary move won’t be needed and are working hard to make that work.

Since the start of the project, we have been in regular discussions with community groups that use the Meritage Centre. A new home that meets the needs of users will be found within the proposed development or nearby. 

Users of the Meritage Centre have been involved in many conversations with the project team and we will ensure that they will be relocated to a suitable facility.

The design team have worked closely with Barnet planning officers and heritage experts to create a set of plans which respect and enhance the most important characteristics of these buildings. Historic England have provided feedback on the draft proposals prior to submission which has been considered and addressed by the design team. Now that planning applications have been submitted, Historic England will have a further opportunity to comment on the finalised plans. Barnet planning officers will then take into consideration any remaining concerns alongside the benefits of the project to the community as the project goes through the planning process.

The project will provide a secure and stable source of income to the council for the future. The business case for the project has been scrutinised and approved by elected members and council officers. Modelling has shown there to be several viable options for funding the scheme, ensuring best value for money. The income which will be generated as a result of the project have an important part to play in the Council’s budget over forthcoming years. If the scheme does not go ahead, the lost income will mean that greater savings are needed in other services.

Acquiring a small number of privately owned properties maybe necessary to deliver this project.

Compulsory Purchase is only ever used as a last resort and through negotiation we hope to come to a mutually satisfactory outcome before resorting to CPO. Should we use this route, we aim to limit any inconvenience to them as much as possible. 

Hendon Hub is a design and heritage-led masterplan involving planning applications across multiple sites within Hendon and the wider borough. The sites differ from each other in a number of ways, for example their current and proposed uses, what is next to them, their differing architectural character etc. By submitting specific applications for each site, the planning case for the different parts of the Hendon Hub project can be best considered by planning officers, statutory consultees, neighbours and local residents.

The spray painted markings in some locations on the Hendon Hub development sites are linked to the ground investigation works being carried out by the project team. The markings show where underground utilities, cables etc. are located and colour coded depending on the type of infrastructure underneath. They do not show the boundaries of where new walls or rooms would be within a redeveloped site (for example). This work is an important part of pre-planning ground investigations, to make sure all underground utilities have been properly identified and located. It is typical for this work to take place prior to any decision being taken on submitted planning applications, and no decision on the Hendon Hub applications has yet been taken.

All of the documents submitted as part of each planning application can be viewed on the Barnet Council website by following the links above. If you have any difficulty accessing or viewing these documents, please contact planning officers by emailing pla[email protected] or by calling 020 8359 3000.

The Virtual Consultation

The Hendon Hub consultation has now closed, although the virtual consultation space is still available if you would like to view the draft proposals that were consulted on between February and June 2021.

Alternatively you can download and view the display boards that are featured in the virtual consultation here. This is a PDF file and will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device to view these files. More information.

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